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b'The bridge frame of the single-beam bridge crane runs longitudinally along the tracks laid on the elevated runway beams on both sides, which can make full use of the space under the bridge frame to lift materials without being hindered by ground equipment.'

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b'It is used with fixed hoists like CD1 or MD1 type. Widely used in machinery fabrication, metallurgical plant auxiliary workshop, storage, stock ground, and power station. It is also can be used as regular double-girder overhead crane in textile industry or food industry. But it is forbided using in inflammable, explosive .'

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b'Additionally, overhead bridge cranes typically come in two configurations: single girder, which is usually less expensive and simpler, and double girder, which is used mostly in heavy-duty lifting and moving applications. At Crane Depot, we are equipped to supply you with the overhead crane system to meet . .'

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b'Features of Single Girder Underhung Bridge Crane. Single girder underhung bridge cranes are a kind of lifting equipment which is equipped with the single beam. It is a fact that single girder underhung bridge crane has a compact and easy structure which can be operated easily. Single girder underhung bridge'

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b'Overhead Traveling Bridge Crane. This type of crane runs on an elevated runway system along the length of a factory and provides three axes of hook motion. Both single and double girder bridge designs are provided with great flexibility in allowing the hook to be positioned very precisely and for loads to be .'

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b'Depending on the type of installation, overhead cranes typically have between one and three crane girders. The crab or traveling head of the crane is fitted with a set of rollers which either run on the top or'

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b'Dec 23, 2014 \xc2\xb7 For each type of crane the deflection value differs, depending on the crane\xe2\x80\x99s overall length, span, or reach. For workstation (enclosed track) bridge cranes, the vertical deflection value is less than for heavier bridge cranes. Enclosed track workstation bridge cranes have a deflection limit of L/450.'

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b'BRIDGE CRANE. GANTRY CRANE. ... ELECTRIC GANTEY CRANE (Single Beam & Double Beam) Inquire. Lifting capacity: 0-25t & 25t-80t . Span: 30m . Lifting height: 6m, 9m, 12M, 18m, 24m . ... GANTRY CRANE (Truss Type) Inquire. BW, Chinese leader in design and manufacture of Gantry Cranes ...'