Supporting Overhead Crane With End Carriages And Underslung Crane End Beams Hoist

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b'Overhead cranes also Travelling Bridge Cranes are the most widely used lifting equipment in various industries. The bridge travelling cranes consists of parallel runways with a travelling bridge girder ,'

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b'Under running bridge cranes are typically for capacities under 10 tons and are most commonly ceiling supported for maximum floor space utilization. Under running bridge cranes will also maximize the hook end approach of the hoist.Under running cranes are most commonly used in assembly plants, fabrication , , .'

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b'Magnetic overhead crane is a kind of overhead cranes that are designed for the metal lifting and movement. Due to the heavy weights of the steel, the magnetic overhead cranes are able to lift goods in a range of 5 ton to 500 ton.'

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b'LDP type electric single beam crane is designed and manufactured according to GB/ t3811-2008 JB/ t1306-2008 standard, and CD1, MD1 electric hoist supporting the use of light lifting equipment.Its rated load is 3t~10t, span is 7.5m~22.5m, working level is A4, lifting height is 6~12m, and the operation mode ( ...'

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b'consists of a bridge beam or beams that are mounted to end carriages at each end is capable of travelling along elevated runways, and has one or more hoisting mechanisms arranged to traverse across the bridge. A gantry crane. See Figure 2: consists of a bridge beam or beams supported at one or both'

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b'4.2 End Carriage End carriages are located on both sides of the girder. They house the wheels on which the entire crane travels. It consists of structural members, wheels, bearings, axles, etc., which supports .'

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b'Single beam overhead crane is composed of several components: beam, end carriages, hoist, control and so on. As we all know, the single beam is more compact in the structure than the double beam cranes and .'

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b'Jan 16, 2007 \xc2\xb7 Traditional crane design uses a rigid connection and, to ensure that the crane can travel down shop smoothly and without crabbing, there is a minimum end carriage length relative to the crane'